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Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Anti-wrinkle Treatment

There are a large variety of anti-wrinkle treatments available. One of the most popular injections we provide is Botox©

Botox© injections are a non-invasive, straightforward procedure that is hugely successful at reducing the signs of ageing and increasing confidence and self-esteem.

Smooth Skin Botox© treatments are very quick and straightforward and the whole process only takes approximately 15 minutes, depending on the amount of areas treated.

Botox© can also be used for non-cosmetic reasons for certain medical conditions such as excessive underarm sweating and muscle problems affecting the eye. However, Botox© treatment for medical reasons should not be undertaken without seeking medical advice and recommendation in advance.

Although first and foremost considered cosmetic treatment, Botox© treatment can significantly increase confidence and improve the quality of life for some people.

How long does Botox© last?

This can vary but most often the effect of the Botox© treatment tends to gradually wear off after three months, as muscle movement starts to gradually return. In some cases, people who have received several Botox© injections report that the effects have lasted up to six months. Returning on a regular basis to repeat the treatment causes no ill effects.

Will I need time off work after the treatment?

Not at all, in fact some people choose to have their Botox© procedure carried out during their lunch break, however, since there may be some slight bruising in the affected area you might want to consider freeing your schedule if this is something you may feel self-conscious about.

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