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My first visit was great. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. The dentist did a gentle and thorough examination and explained everything in good detail. I am genuinely recommending this practice.

Julia G
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Straighten your teeth in a flash with Six Month Smiles

Boost your confidence in less time and get the straight teeth you’ve always wanted with discreet clear braces at Dental Smiles London.

Cost: From £3,000
0% Finance options available
Treatment duration:
6 months on average

Clear braces at Dental Smiles London

Having straight teeth doesn’t only benefit your self-confidence; it helps to improve your overall oral health and teeth function, and make your teeth and gum health easier to maintain. You don’t need to be put off by the thought of unsightly metal braces; using the latest technology, clear brackets, and tooth coloured wires, your clear braces are hard to spot, comfortable, hygienic, and typically less expensive than traditional braces or other teeth straightening methods.

The cost

We want as many people as possible to get the straight teeth they’ve always wanted, so we offer a range of payment instalment options, including 0% interest free plans, to make your Six Month Smiles treatment as affordable as possible.

  • Clear braces start at £3,000
  • Full cost depends on your unique treatment plan
  • We offer 0% interest, no deposit finance plans
  • Get a no obligation, free consultation

Treatment time

As the name suggests, the average treatment time is 6 months, which makes Six Month Smiles one of the most sought after teeth straightening treatments, great for an upcoming event like a wedding. Our dentists in Kings Cross, Euston, and Gray’s Inn will work with you to create a treatment plan that suits your goals and your lifestyle.

The benefits of clear braces

Misaligned, twisted, or overlapping teeth can make people feel self-conscious about their smile, which makes social events stressful and even causes people to hide their teeth from people when they smile. Six Month Smiles is a great teeth straightening option to help improve your self-confidence in a short amount of time, as well as improving your oral health by giving plaque and bacteria less places to hide, and helping to reduce strain on the neck and jaw muscles with improved teeth function. Plus, the lower cost and speed at which the treatment works makes clear braces accessible to most people who need minor teeth alignment.

  • Clear brackets and tooth coloured wires
  • Short 6 month treatment duration
  • Comfortable and hygienic
  • Boosts your self-confidence
  • Improves teeth and gum health
  • Reduce strain on the neck and jaw

Your professional provider of Six Month Smiles

Our experienced team at Dental Smiles London are professionally trained to provide Six Month Smiles clear braces, and our dentists in Kings Cross, Euston, and Gray’s Inn have been helping people achieve the straight teeth they’ve always wanted for many years. We’ve assisted with thousands of smile transformations, and we love nothing more than seeing the boost in the confidence of our patients after teeth straightening treatment with us.

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Excellent Dentist. Initially chose them because of location. My braces are working wonders for my smile already after only 4months. Stewart is very patient and always answers questions no matter how silly they may seem. Everyone is lovely and the work on my teeth speaks for itself. I am very happy and would definitely recommend. Thanks guys.

Ayobamiedele Ajao

Your dental smiles journey

Our goal is to give our patients the very best dental experience, and our experienced, friendly Dental Smiles London team will make sure your journey to straight teeth is smooth, painless, and stress-free.

Free consultation

You’ll have a free consultation to see which teeth straightening option is right for you. We’ll discuss your smile transformation goals and budget, and if you decide to go ahead, you’ll be booked in to see one of our experienced dentists to begin your smile transformation.

Clear braces fitted

At your next appointment, your dentist will fit your new braces and take you through everything you need to know for your treatment journey. This appointment can take 1 to 2 hours, and you’ll leave feeling confident that your dream smile is only months away.

Movement & adjustments

During months 1 to 5, you’ll start to see a huge difference in the alignment of your teeth, and you’ll need to come back in to see us for anywhere between 3 and 7 different adjustments of your clear braces over those 5 months, depending on your unique case.

Enjoy your new smile

Congratulations, your smile has been transformed! You can maintain your straight teeth by looking after your oral health with daily brushing, and seeing a dental hygienist every 6 months for a thorough clean and polish.

Remote clear braces treatment monitoring

Don’t live near one of our practices in Kings Cross, Euston, and Gray’s Inn, or have a busy work or study schedule? No problem! We know not everyone has time for frequent visits to the dentist, so we offer remote teeth straightening treatment check-ins with Dental Monitoring, an easy-to-use app that lets us keep track of your treatment journey and send you notes or instructions using secure messaging, wherever you are.

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Looking after your clear braces

Six Months Smiles clear braces are a great option for people who want to discreetly straighten their teeth in a short amount of time, but the treatment success depends on how closely you follow your treatment plan.

You also have the option to wear a post treatment retainer to help your teeth stay aligned. As long as you follow your unique treatment plan from your dentist, you’ll have the smile you’ve always dreamed of in no time at all!

To give yourself the best chance of a successful teeth straightening treatment, make sure you:


Brush and floss everyday to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy.


Clean your clear braces daily to get rid of any trapped food and bacteria.


Rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating so food doesn’t get stuck in your braces.

Frequently asked questions about clear braces at Dental Smiles London

  • How do clear braces compare to Invisalign aligners?

    Whilst both Invisalign and traditional braces are great teeth straightening treatments, it depends on your unique situation, including the current position of your teeth and the results you want to achieve. The obvious difference is their appearance – Invisalign aligners are clear trays that fit around all your teeth and are removable, whereas clear braces use clear brackets and tooth coloured wires which are semi-permanently attached to the teeth. Clear braces will usually need less treatment time due to their fixed nature, but there are benefits to both options! We recommend that you talk to your dentist about the teeth straightening option that’s right for your circumstances.

  • Do clear braces hurt?

    Not at all. Most people will experience mild temporary discomfort for a few days after the clear braces are fitted, and also for a short time after some adjustments, but that’s it. They just take a bit of getting used to.

  • Are clear braces safe for me?

    Yes! Six Month Smiles clear braces have been trusted by more than 150,000 people all over the world to transform their smiles. Clear braces are safe, comfortable, and provide quick results using proven techniques and materials.

  • How much do clear braces cost?

    Clear braces at Dental Smiles London start at £3,000, and the full treatment cost will depend on your unique treatment plan. We offer 0% interest, no deposit finance plans to help spread out the cost of your treatment, and you can come to us for a no obligation, free teeth straightening consultation to see if it’s right for you.

  • Will clear braces affect my speech?

    No, but they might take a few days to get used to in your mouth! You’ll quickly adjust to them, and they’re worn for such a short time that they’ll be off before you know it.

  • Can I get clear braces if I’ve had dental restorations or orthodontic work in the past?

    In most cases, yes! Clear braces won’t harm any dental restorations such as crowns. Some types of dental restorations, like bridges and dental implants, can complicate orthodontic treatment, so your dentist will let you know if teeth straightening will still work for you.

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