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Check Your Teeth

Check Your Teeth

We look after and service many things in our life to ensure they keep working without issues. We go to the gym, wear clean clothes, get our hair done and generally try to look after ourselves, but it is easy to take our teeth and mouth for granted. How often do you smile or enjoy your food? Imagine if a tooth breaks or you get toothache just before you are about to go on holiday or do an important business presentation.

Pain, stress and inconvenience could all be avoided by having your teeth checked regularly, so any problems that are quietly brewing can be dealt with before they get worse. We believe in prevention and early intervention, so treatments are as minimally invasive as possible. Having your teeth checked on a regular basis means that many patients need to have less treatment over time.

When you see one of our dentists, they aren’t only checking your teeth, they are looking for signs of tooth wear, acid erosion, defective restoration and mouth cancer.

We don’t always recommend check ups every six months and you are free to come as often (or as seldom) as you wish. You are always in control.

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