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Freshen Your Breath

Freshen Your Breath

Over time, our breath can pick up odours for all manner of reasons. As it happens so slowly we are often unaware of what our breath smells like. We have all come across someone whose breath hasn’t smelt good but we didn’t want to say anything. This is completely understandable as it can be an awkward thing to say and can be embarrassing to hear.

Bad breath can affect your personal life as well as your professional advice. Poor oral hygiene can harbour plaque and tartar (which is an accumulation of food and bacteria). This is what can cause bad breath (halitosis), which is something nobody wants.

To make sure your bad breath is not related to your oral hygiene, be sure to see a hygienist at least twice a year. Doing this removes any deposits of plaque and bacteria. The hygienist can also give you advice that you can implement at home to ensure your teeth and gums stay clean, so they don’t cause bad breath.

This is not always a quick fix but you will notice the difference in the freshness of your mouth after seeing a hygienist. Please remember, there can be other causes of bad breath, but you can discuss this with a dentist if seeing a hygienist regularly does not fix it. Click here to pay and book directly to a hygienist without having a check up first.

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