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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Tooth Whitening is one of the country’s most popular cosmetic dental treatments and one which can transform your smile and increase your confidence.

Most of us would like our teeth to be whiter. Even with the greatest care, your teeth can start to naturally discolour as you age. Tooth whitening can help you regenerate your smile and restore the whiteness of your teeth, boosting your confidence and giving you a fresh new look.

The procedure is best suited to people with discoloured teeth which are otherwise healthy but your dentist will be able to advise if this treatment is right for you.

The treatment

A tooth whitening procedure is one of the most popular and simple procedures performed in cosmetic surgery.

Professional in-chair whitening’ – A rubber seal will be placed in your mouth to protect the gums and a whitening gel applied to your teeth: don’t worry – you will still be able to breathe!

A special light is then applied to the gel to activate it and speed up the whitening. The whole process takes about one hour. At Dental Smiles London we use the Zoom whitening system.

Home whitening’ – Custom-made whitening trays will be made for you and a whitening kit provided. Your dentist will then advise you how best to proceed and monitor the process for you.

How long will the whitening last?

This depends on each individual and on the general health of their teeth although there are things that can be done to extend the whiteness. A patient who subsequently avoids consuming teeth staining products such as tea, coffee and red wine and doesn’t smoke should be able to see good results last a very long time.

Most people notice a significant difference after the first tooth whitening procedure. However some people will find it more effective than others. Continuing the process for longer usually results in brighter smile for all.

I can buy a kit much cheaper online, why pay more with a dentist?

When buying products online it is impossible to verify the authenticity of the products. Sometimes, the materials may not work but  they may actually damage your gums and teeth. When you see a dental care professional you can be assured they have been trained appropriately and will only ever use safe and effective materials.

Furthermore, it is illegal for anyone who is not a dental care professional to carry out tooth whitening. Don’t take a risk with your smile. Speak to us first about your options.

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