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Dentures have been used for many years to replace missing teeth. We offer dentures that can be fitted in place using dental implants, so patients no longer have to deal with sore gums and ulcers. This means that the dentures will be held firmly in place and the wearer does not experience any discomfort. Our skilled technician creates dentures using the most natural looking materials.

Generally, dentures should be expected to last between five and ten years, although they will need to be adjusted over time, as the face changes shape as we age.

Cheaper dentures have a tendency to rub against the gum, over a period of this time this can pull the gum away from the tooth as it irritates the soft tissue. It really is important to ensure that you have good quality dentures, so sometimes paying a little more for your dentures in the long run means the cost of wearing good quality dentures is actually very low.

Are dentures my only option?

For many years dentures have been the only replacement for lost teeth. There are now more other options available, such as dental implants or bridges that can be used for small gaps.

Securing dentures with dental implants

Using dental implants means your dentures can be held very firmly in place. This involves placing four dental implants, which are small titanium posts that act like ‘root’s for the dentures, into the jaw. The implants are usually in the lower jaw to anchor the newly attached dentures in place holding them firmly in place.

With traditional dentures you will eventually adjust the way you speak and the way you eat so the dentures become more comfortable, however with dental implants, eating and speaking should be the same as when you had your own teeth.

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