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Dental implants are the closest replacements we have for teeth. As a result you can end the frustration of missing teeth, eat your favourite foods again and show off your smile. They also help to support the other teeth in the mouth, and prevent the jaw from shrinking, which can affect the look of your face.

An implant is a small metal post that is inserted into the jaw, to act as a ‘root’. The most suitable material for tooth implants to be made from is titanium, which has been used successfully for medical treatment for decades. It is very biocompatible and safe.

Once the implant has healed, a custom-made tooth or bridge is firmly attached to the metal ‘root’, restoring your smile, supporting your other teeth and allowing you to enjoy the foods you love once more.

The process

Initially, an assessment is carried out with x-rays and scans to establish that the mouth is in sufficiently good health to take a dental implant. Any issues will be treated in advance to ensure the best chance of success, and we will clearly explain everything at every stage, giving you the chance to ask questions and consider your options.

If you are suitable for an implant, and you decide to go ahead, your dentist will take the time to ensure you are completely comfortable, which will include carefully administering an anaesthetic. For particularly anxious or worried patients, safe sedation is also available. They will then carefully place the implant into the jawbone, where it will be left to heal so that it fully integrates with the surrounding bone. A crown, bridge or denture is custom-made to fix onto the implant when it is fully healed.

Treatment time

For many patients, a single tooth can be replaced in less than an hour, and all of your teeth can be replaced in a day as we have temporary solutions available to allow your implant to fully heal. Many of our patients return back to work straight after.


Everyone can have dental implants. Sometimes, preparatory work may need to be done before implants can be placed to avoid problems. Please contact us for a free implant consultation so we can discuss your individual circumstances and design a plan to help restore your smile.

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